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  • Build modular pieces of gameplay instead of monolithic applications.
  • Use your favorite libraries easily.
  • We provide core functionality: resource manager, logger, debug monitoring, serialization, time management, globally named objects, etc.


  • Get a game going with the default components, then refine for maximum performance & fun
  • Physics based on Box2D.
  • Gameplay components: health, teams, state machines.
  • Sprite-based and SWF-based 2D rendering.
  • Tilemap system.
  • Pathfinding library.
  • Basic networking. Pass events to/from your servers, do XMLRPC/JSON Web API requests, etc.
  • Awesome UI capabilities via Flash - localizable, stylable/themable, internationalizable.

editor coming_soon

  • Coming soon as a Premium Component
  • Easy to customize and extend for your game, based on the components you are using.
  • Human-readable XML formats, so easy to do automated processing, use other editors, convert from external sources, etc.
  • Written in Flash, so runs everywhere PushButton Engine does.


  • Overview of our network architecture
  • Designed for real time, fast action gameplay.
  • Bit-packed protocol for maximum efficiency.
  • Supports events, move streams, and most-recent state updates.
  • The bit protocol is defined in XML, so it is easy to network with code written in Flash, Java, C++, or other languages.
  • Capable of building real multiplayer games - RTS, FPS, racing, platformers, multiplayer Tower Defense, and more.
  • The market standard is uncompressed XML sent to Java-based servers. Our protocol is two orders of magnitude efficient across the wire, and our server technology is more efficient as well, so you can run more game servers on the same CPU.
  • For more information email engine at #